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7 Tips on How to Live Sober 
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Thank you for requesting your free Sobriety Tip Guide!! You are well on your way to learning how to get sober and stay sober.  Trends are changing and people all over are questioning their relationship with alcohol. Rhiannon is nearly 2 years sober and did it without the use of AA or therapy.  Nothing wrong that if you need it, just know it's not the ONLY way.  It is FREE to join and 100% private!! She shares tips that helped her break the cycle of her alcohol habit.  Sobriety is an act of rebellion in an alcohol soaked culture.  You are NOT alone!! Everyone is welcome!! 

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  • 100% Free.  Rhiannon wants to offer the support she needed when she was "Sober Curious".   
  • You will see you are not alone in your struggles and all the members of the group are there to help you.  No matter how you get sober, just do what works for YOU.  Join today!!
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